Papers for Windows roadmap


New and upcoming

Many of our users have asked us to give them more insights into what they can expect in the next updates of Papers for Windows. On this page we'll give you a glimpse into our kitchen and let you know what we're cooking. We'll do our best to regularly update the page so check back frequently if you want to know what's coming...

Highlighting and notes - NEW in Papers for Windows 1.1

Like the Mac version we want to also allow Papers for Windows users to create notes and highlights on their PDFs.

Syncing with Papers for iOS

Papers for Windows does not yet support syncing with Papers on your iOS device, we're very hard at work to bring a solution as soon as possible.

Missing features from Papers2 for Mac

We rebuilt Papers completely from scratch in order to make it a true Windows application. This did mean however that not every Papers for Mac feature made it in yet. We hope to bring the missing features back within the next updates, this includes:

Support for other files than PDFs alone

We hope to bring support for other file types like PowerPoint and other office documents, images, etc to a future version of Papers for Windows

Unified search

One key feature from Papers for Mac that people love is the unified search options, we hope to bring it to Windows version soon as well.

More performance improvements -- IMPROVED in Papers for Windows 1.1

We know that the current version of Papers for Windows isn't yet as snappy as the Mac version, fixing this is absolutely on the top of our list. We already brought a number of speed improvements but we're working full speed to make Papers super fast on Windows too.

Planned features down the road

Some of the features we're planning to add in the nearer future are:

  • Support for footnote type citations
  • Support for RSS feeds
  • And much more...

My feature is not on the list

We'd love to hear your ideas and how you think we can make Papers even better. If your favorite feature is not already on the list, you can send us your thoughts here. Note that we will always read each and every response we get, but cannot always answer all emails since we'd like to deliver you as many items on the lists above as possible, as quick as we can.

Is that all?

Definitely not, there's a lot more on our list. For a variety of reasons we cannot tell you all the features we're working on. For example, for some it is hard to estimate how long it will take us or whether some ideas are feasible at all. Other features we rather keep as a surprise, also towards our competitors. One thing is for sure there's a lot of features coming.

Stay tuned!
The mekentosj team