Mac vs. Windows: Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Windows serial number also work with Papers for Mac?

Yes, you can use your serial number to activate up to 3 of your Macs or PCs

Can I use the same library with Papers for Windows and Papers for Mac?

Yes, it is possible to share your library across Mac and PC, as you would share your library across different Macs. As described in detail on our Mac support page on syncing between different Macs, it is always important to back up your library before you attempt accessing it from another computer. Also, this aspect hasn't been tested extensively and might reveal certain issues, please inform us when you do encounter these.

Does Papers for Windows have the exact same features as Papers for Mac?

No (or better, not yet), although we want to have both versions aligned as much as possible, some features are still under development in Papers for Windows. When first trying Papers for Windows, it is important to keep these differences in mind, and they are listed in more detail here:

Does my Papers for Windows sync with Papers for iOS?

We are still working on sync capabilities for Papers for Windows and Papers for iPhone and iPad. At this time, sync across these devices is not supported.