Mac vs. Windows: Comparison & Compatibility

Papers for Windows was closely modeled after Papers2 for Mac, and it is our aim to get both versions as much as possible aligned with regards to features and functionality. However, with two completely different operating systems this is not always immediately possible, and some features are Mac-specific (for example, cover flow) and may not be easily implemented in a Windows release.

As we continue to add features to Papers for Windows, the differences will become increasingly smaller. For now, it is important to keep the differences outlined in the following table in mind if you are used to Papers on your Mac, and are trying Papers for Windows for the first time. Below the table, we also have a few notes on compatibility across devices.

Compatibility across devices

We are still working on sync capabilities for Papers for Windows and Papers for iPhone and iPad. At this time, sync across these devices is not supported.

It is possible to share your library across Mac and PC, as you would share your library across different Macs. As described in detail on our Mac support page on syncing between different Macs, it is always important to back up your library before you attempt accessing it from another computer, and always make sure that you are not using Papers on both computers at the same time.

Syncing from Mac to PC, and visa versa, has not been tested elaborately and it is very important to back up your data before you set up sharing between your devices. As an increasing number of users share their libraries between their Mac and PC, we can get a better view of potential real-world issues that have not yet come up in testing. If you encounter a problem when sharing your library, please submit a support request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.