Release Notes - Papers for Windows 1.0.2

Overview of the Changes

This update of Papers for Windows fixes the issue where student discount coupon codes would not be opened, fixes the IEEE search engine, and brings further stability and bug fixes.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue where files with keywords but no tags were not deleted
  • Fixed an issue with the keywords column appearing twice in the list of table columns
  • The Endnote importer now properly checks for duplicates
  • Fixed an issue with the Inspector date picker only shown once
  • Fixed an issue with the Installer breaking papers2:// url handler
  • Fixed an issue where the rating would disappear after matching
  • Fixed an issue where downloading of PDFs would not follow Redirectes
  • Fixed an issue with detecting registered programs for a file
  • Fixed an issue where the PDF would not be updated after downloading
  • Fixed an issue with downloading PDFs from recent articles for authors
  • Fixed an issue where the author format was incorrectly taken from Mac libraries
  • Updated the IEEE Search Engine

Up next

Have a look at our roadmap to see what's up next: