The Sources preferences tab allows you to personalize how sources are displayed in your Papers library. The settings that you can control for your sources are:

  • Author format
  • Number of authors
  • Source format

Author format

How you like the authors lists to be presented depends largely on how you like to search or sort papers in your library. Let's discuss how you can personalize the formatting of authors lists.

You can choose the author format from a number of different combinations of the authors' last name, first name, and initials. The order in which the different parts of the name are displayed can also be customized.


You can also select whether you would like to display just the first author, last author, all authors, or a set number of authors. Whichever option you choose, it does not change the information saved per article. Conversely, even if both first and last name are contained in the article metadata but you choose to show only the last name, the rest will be simply hidden. If the first name is selected for inclusion, but it is not available, the initials and last name are shown instead.

Source format

The source format option determines if the sources will be represented in full or abbreviated form (for instance "Nature Genetics" versus "Nat. Genetics") .