Configure Papers to work with Scopus

When trying to access Scopus outside of your institution's network, there is an additional step involved. Once you enter your search terms and hit enter, a dialogue box will pop up if the search cannot be completed. This is the case when Scopus cannot detect an IP address associated with your intitution (provided your institution has access of course), because you are off-site and not using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


In most cases, entering this number will allow Scopus access. In some cases, you can only access Scopus on site or through a VPN.

There are a few things you need to check to make sure you have institutional access to Scopus via Papers: * Check if your institution has an account with Scopus. * Check if the so-called Federated Search Gateway has been activated for your institutional account.

Your librarian can provide you with these details. If are experiencing problems accessing Scopus from within Papers, you can ask your librarian to contact the Scopus helpdesk and follow the steps below.

What does my Librarian/account administrator have to do?

The Scopus plugin in Papers makes use of the Federated Search Gateway, which has to be activated only once per institutional account. Check with your librarian and ask him/her to contact the Scopus Helpdesk (see this webpage) and fo the following:

  • Inform the helpdesk that the institution wishes to allow its users of the program Papers by mekentosj to have access to Scopus via Papers.
  • Ask for the Federated Search Gateway to be activated for the institution's account.
  • Ask for the institution's Scopus Account ID.

The helpdesk will provide the librarian/account administrator with this information together with an estimate on when the access to the Gateway will be active. Your librarian/account administration can then provide you with the Account ID for the configuration sheet above.

Note: the Scopus Account ID is the same for all users within an institution.