Creating a Livfe Collection

Using Papers Livfe you can share collections from your Papers library with any other Papers user.
Setting up your Livfe collection is as easy as setting up any other collection in Papers.

Creating a Papers Livfe collection

  • Right click on Collections in the source list, or navigate to File -> New Collection, and select "New Livfe Collection"


  • If this is the first Livfe collection you are creating, you will see a window pop up with some more information about Livfe collections.

  • By clicking continue, you will be taken to the next window where you can name your collection and set your sharing preferences:


  • Name your new collection, give it a brief description and at the bottom of the window you can set whether the collection is public or shared only with invited members.

  • As with any other collection, you can drag and drop articles from your library directly into your Livfe collection.

  • Now you are prompted to briefly introduce the article prior to sharing it.


This introduction will help other members of your Livfe collection understand why you are sharing this article in particular. If you are using Livfe collections as part of journal clubs or during a collaboration, you can use this space to summarize the purpose and scope of the article and why you are adding it to the collection.

Adding multiple articles at once

You can select multiple articles at once, and drop all of them into your Livfe collection at the same time. Then you are asked to introduce the group of articles with one short introduction, and this can be a great option if you are adding very similar articles.

The introduction you write shows up in the discussion section for each article's inspector window.

Livfe reviews

The introduction is different from the Livfe review. Livfe reviews are summaries of your papers in 140 characters or less. It helps you remember why a paper was important to you, and it can help other members of your collection decide whether or not to read the article.

To add a review to an article, select the "Livfe" tab in the inspector window, and click on "Add your review".


Keep in mind that reviews are public by default. If you want to keep a review private, you can do so by checking off the corresponding box.