Using the bookmarklet to easily switch between your web browser and papers

The Papers bookmarklet is a small JavaScript bookmark that you can install in your favorite web browser. It allows you to open your current web page in Papers, creating a seamless experience between browsing the web and collecting your papers.

Installing the bookmarklet

Open this webpage in your favorite web browser

Copy (right click and select 'copy') and paste the following link into your web browser (unless you are already in your browser). .

Follow the instructions for the following browsers.


Drag and drop the following link to your bookmarks toolbar:

Open in Papers

Internet Explorer

  • Right click on the link 'Open in Papers' below and click on 'Add to favorites'

Open in Papers

  • Select the favorites bar as the location where you want to add the bookmark


  • The bookmark now appears in your bookmark favorites bar:


  • Once opening the content in Papers, it is not imported automatically yet. Just click on the import button in the inspector window.



*If you are using Firefox, you can drag and drop the Open in Papers link right into your Firefox bookmarks toolbar. Of course you can also right click on the link, and then select 'add to bookmarks'.