Inspector - Supplements

The inspector window gives you a lot of information about files you have imported to Papers. It includes your article's title, abstract, authors, and much more information. The inspector window also contains supplements and Livfe reviews. This tutorial will discuss how you can add supplemental material to your articles.

Using supplements

Sometimes, supplemental information is available for an article. This may consist of additional figures, tables, or methods that did not make it into the article. You can download these supplemental files, and they are saved together with the article they belong to in Papers.

When you download an article, sometimes supplemental files are available from the publisher's website. When this is the case, you will see a link that says something similar to "Additional Files" or "Supplemental Files".

Click on this link to access the page with these files right within Papers.


On the page that contains the supplemental files you will see links to these files. Just click on the link, and select "Add as supplemental data", and you will see the file show up in the supplemental data section in your inspector window.


Dragging supplements into Papers

Supplements can be dragged and dropped into Papers to be saved with your files. Select the entry you would like to add the supplement to, and select "Supplements" in the inspector window.


Drag and drop the file on top of the section that reads "Drag Supplemental File Here".


You can also browse your computer and select a file to attach to the supplements by clicking on the "+" button in the inspector window


Once you have added a few supplemental files, the "-" removes the supplement that is selected when you click on it.