How to download articles directly in Papers

Papers helps you organize all your PDF articles, and also import new articles from repositories directly in Papers.
First, you will search one of your favorite repositories for articles. How to search in Papers has already been discussed in a separate knowledge base article.

When you have found one or more articles you would like to import to Papers, you can click on "Import Selected" at the bottom of the search page.


Once imported, you will see a checkmark appear next to the entry in your search results. This checkmark will also appear next to articles that appear in future search results if they are already present in your library:


At this point, the entry has been included in your library, but the associated PDF file has not been downloaded yet. To download the PDF file, double click on the search entry you imported.

The publishers website will open, and if you have set up your proxy information in your Options (and your institution's library has access to the publisher from which you are trying to download) then you should be able to access the PDF file without any problems.


Once the download starts, you will see the progression of your download on a status bar and when completed the PDF will appear at the bottom of your inspector window.