How to sign up for beta releases of Papers for Windows

It is now possible to receive a notice when we release a beta version of Papers for Windows. These pre-release versions are created to test new features we are working on before we officially release an update to all users. One thing to keep in mind if you use a beta version is that some things might not work perfectly. While we would like to hear from you if you encounter a bug, we are not always able to offer full support right away. This is why keeping your data safe (more below) is very important. New beta versions are intended to test new features or new bug fixes, so at times we may recommend you try our beta if you are experiencing a bug we recently fixed in the new beta release. However, these releases are in beta because they may still be unstable and we are continuing to test them ourselves as well.

The upside is that you get a first sneak peak at the new features we are rolling out, and fixes for possible existing bugs. By beta testing and reporting issues back to us, you are also helping us create a better and more stable application. When more users test new beta versions, we can find and fix bugs faster.

Whether you sign up as a beta tester or not, we recommend you always made backups of your Papers library to protect against corrupted and lost data. As a beta tester, you are responsible for carefully backing up your data. Read more about how to keep your data safe in this knowledge base article.

How to sign up as a beta tester

You can opt-in to receive the latest beta updates by indicating your interest right in the Papers Options menu.

  • Access the options by going to File -> Options
  • Select the General tab
  • Check the box next to "Inform me about available pre-release and test versions of Papers"

If you encounter a bug or a problem while using a Papers pre-release, you can let us know by reporting it on our support site.

You're all set!

Thank you for your interest in helping us improve Papers for Windows!